We assess current conditions.

EncompassIT creates an inventory of your network, the condition of your PCs, software licenses and overall infrastructure. That summary provides a baseline from which we can quickly and clearly identify equipment to be replaced, upgraded or simply re-allocated in better ways. From that baseline we develop and provide you with a list of suggestions including an easily understood, plain-language executive action plan with costs and timelines. You’ll then choose if and when to implement our suggestions; you’ll have a clear expectation of why to move ahead and how your business will benefit from the changes we suggest.


We get you the right products at the right price.

The advice you get at a big-box store isn’t always reliable or accurate – you’ve probably already found that the same staff member who sells toasters and roller skates may not be the most sage IT consultant. Worse still, most of the high volume sellers are limited to certain brands and motivated by certain vendor promotions – they want to sell what they have in stock. By contrast, we’ve got more than twenty years of experience and – because we’re focused on longer term results, not a quick hit sale – we won’t compromise at your expense. When you want qualified, objective, responsive and friendly assistance, competitive pricing and quick delivery for everything from toner to enterprise server systems, we’re your best choice every time.


Our onsite service team is second to none.

Once you have the right hardware in place and working, you need to make sure it stays reliable and available. EncompassIT uses state-of-the-art remote support tools to monitor, predict and fix most problems without the expense and delay of an on-site visit or extended downtime. When you do eventually need hands on site, we’ll be fast and effective in getting to your office as well. Our clients get response after hours, on weekends and holidays – and any other time it’s needed. We understand how important access to your network can be and we’ll work to keep things running smoothly. We offer affordable service agreements that put you at the front of the line when you need help.


We find and build software that saves you time & money.

EncompassIT helps business of every size and type to eliminate costly duplication and errors that arise through manual processes. Sometimes that can be simply finding the right existing tools and putting them in place. But for some situations, a custom solution is best. Our custom software solutions are tailored to replace outdated paper-based systems and to be easy to use and highly responsive for both daily users and management oversight. Talk to us today about how we can help you save money, improve service and add efficiency.