Email Is Your

Last year, a Canadian University transferred nearly 12 million dollars to a fraudster. Because he sent them an email. One email. You can read about itĀ here.

So ask yourself this: Do you know what “phishing” is and how to deal with it effectively?

Phishing is a term that describes a range of fraudulent email messages; messages that can trick users into revealing confidential password information, transferring funds to offshore accounts or accidentally launching ransomware / malware attacks against your network. A successful phishing attack destroys your data and puts your organization at risk for costly recovery. It can also lead to the fraudulent transfer of company funds to a scammer – money you can never recover. More than 90 % of phishing attacks begin with an innocent-looking email message.

Spam filters alone are not enough to stop a well-designed phishing campaign; gone are the days of bulk email that is obviously deceptive. Instead, scammers are becoming much more sophisticated and are researching and targeting individual users. If you allow your staff to manage email without knowing how to spot common phishing techniques, you are increasingly liable to become part of an astonishing statistic: phishing costs North American business more thanĀ half a *billion* dollars each year. The latest high-profile victim has had multiple outlets closed for days and has been rendered unable to process common payment methods in their outlets; that’s an expensive, embarrassing and bitter lesson for the employee who unintentionally launched the malware and for the restaurant chain’s entire operation.

Educating yourself and your users can reduce your risk substantially. And that’s something we can help you with:

In an entertaining and informative session, we’ll train your staff to spot the clues that identify a phishing attack. We’ll show them what to do – and what NOT to do – with suspicious email. Then we’ll walk them through some real-world samples on our training network; a network that includes simulated phishing attacks mixed in with conventional messages. There’s an interactive test and, on successful completion, each participant will receive a graded completion certificate along with take-away material to share with the rest of your team. They’ll also receive access to our video content for a refresher when needed and for status updates on the latest phishing trends and alerts.

What’s Included?

  • 90 Minutes of In-Class Training
  • Access to our Simulation Lab
  • Digital Copies of all Training Material
  • Completion Certificate for Successful Outcome
  • Subscription to our Video Library
  • Free On-Site Risk Assessment for your office (for classes of 4 or more)
  • Cost Per Attendee: $ 240.00 + HST

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